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  • The SAFS International Group

    Since 1948 SAFS has been a leading international producer, merchandiser and trader of agricultural commodities and consumables. SAFS International Group (SAFS LLC) incorporated with limited liability, Delaware, the United States of America. With 18 branches worldwide, our presence in over 120 countries around the world is maintained to best serve customers.


  • About Our Company

    Always strive to be the best.

    SAFS International Group is a privately owned company incorporated with limited liability.


    Together with its subsidiaries, SAFS is a leading and diversified group with worldwide activities in farming, manufacturing, milling, shipping and chartering, transport, trading and the marketing of leading brands of foodstuffs, beverages, consumables, pharmaceuticals, liquor, tobacco products, perfumes and fragrances.


    SAFS is engaged in the physical trading of commodities on a global basis, purchasing as principal, mostly from producers, selling and delivering these commodities to industrial users such as food manufacturers, importers, agents, distributors, flour mills and public utilities.


    SAFS also provides financing, insurance, logistics, marketing and purchasing services to producers and consumers of commodities.

    These activities are supported by strategic investments in industrial assets relating to SAFS core physical trading business, knowledge gained through a diversified portfolio of production assets and the strength of a unique marketing capability.

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    SAFS International Group

    SAFS Group

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    SAFS LLC Inc.

    Reg.: 108 West 13th Street Wilmington DE, 19801 USA

    Admin.: 4737 N Ocean Dr., Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308 USA

    Operations: Port Everglades 1850 Eller Dr., Fort Lauderdale FL, 33316 USA


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